Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Van Gogh

Sara got her ears pierced over Christmas break. She debated doing it for a year or so. Suddenly she was brave enough, ready and willing. So, we were at the mall when she said she was ready. So, I plopped her in the chair and 10 seconds later my daughter had 2 new holes. Note to self - check to make sure husband is on board with piercing 7 year old's ears before the deed is done. We (I) dutifully cleaned her ears twice daily for 6 weeks. After that, we cleaned them somewhat regularly. On Friday she came home complaining of ear pain. I checked and sure enough, one of her holes was infected and bleeding. Off the doctor we go. When the doctor was examining her, she informed him that I REFUSED to clean her ears regularly. Seriously?! It was not a plot to turn her into the next Van Gogh. Maybe it was lazy parenting but it was not malicious. Then she asked him, in all seriousness, if she could keep it. The doctor and I looked at each other, confused. Did she really think we were going to chop off her ear? Turns out, she was talking about the piercing. Yes, if we clean it and use antibiotics, she would be able to put the earring back in on Sunday. Then she panicked because she was afraid it would hurt to put an earring back in. So she had a dilemma. She could brave the possibility of a little pain on Sunday with an earring reinsertion or contemplate the mere thought of re-piercing her ear. Sara is not the most decisive person under the best circumstances. Facing possible pain or discomfort and she turns everything into Sophie's Choice. Luckily, her doctor is a smart man. He suggested she not worry about it and see how it feels on Sunday. If I had the audacity to suggest such a ludicrous idea, I would have been the recipient of the full eye roll and disgusted "moooooommmmm!". Luckily we had the distraction of a Girl Scout sleepover to distract her (a completely different kind of pain and torture - for me). Sunday comes and she timidly asks me if we can TRY to put her earring in. Using Lamaze breathing I didn't know she knew, we put the earring back in. She survived. Her ear is still attach. It's a miracle.

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