Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Made In America

We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world. So why I am reading about the following issues/people/actions here in the good old USA: University of Texas celebrated their "pubic" affairs graduates. A New Jersey woman was fired from a lingerie company for being too "busty". A woman has been arrested for taking her toddler to the tanning booth. P.S. She looks like C. Thomas Howell in "Soul Man". A high school year book had to be recalled because they called their special needs students "mentally retarded". Just who exactly IS teaching our kids? A parking spot in NY City is for sale for the bargain price of $1million. And someone will pay it. A CNN executive was busted for putting dog poop in a neighbor's mailbox. Members of the Secret Service were caught partying like drunk frat boys while on the job in Colombia. Our members of Congress are speaking at a 10th grade level. A man has fathered 30 children with 11 different women. A couple has been arrested for killing 2 children by co-sleeping while taking Vicodin and Xanax. A postal worker collecting disability was caught running a marathon. Are we really that stupid and lazy? Shows like "7 Days of Sex" and "Real Housewives" are the most popular shows on TV. People like Kim Kardashian and Kate Gosselin are celebrities. What do people in other countries think of us?? These people make me look sane and well-behaved. God bless America.

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