Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pajama Day

Sara loves her pajamas. She has all kinds and would spend all day in them if we let her. And sometimes we let her. Friday was pajama day at school. She forgot to tell me and got dressed. She remembered just in time to change into clean Tinkerbell jammies and hop on the bus. She was happy as a clam. Then she came home. I could tell by the look on her face when she got off the bus that something was wrong. And I could guess. The "cool" (bully) kids made fun of her Tinkerbell jammies. Apparently, there is an invisible line and once you enter 3rd grade, Tinkerbell is no longer cool. Sara missed that memo. Add "wearing uncool pajamas for pajama day" to the list of things my kid gets teased about. And you can guess who was the ring leader. Luckily, her best friend also likes Tinkerbell. Ironically, they don't tease her for liking Tinkerbell. And believe me, Sara noticed that she was the only one being picked on for her wardrobe choice. I guess kids will make fun of certain people for just about anything. So, what started out as a fun day for her ended with her feeling, yet again, like she doesn't fit in and being made fun of for something as silly as wearing something she likes. Why do kids needs to make someone feel small to feel big?

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