Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sharing - A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Darling Daughter, Let me give you a heads up about a few things that will serve you well if you ever want to have friends over again. Share your toys. Stop whining and fretting that your friends are wild savages hell bent on the complete and utter destruction of all your worldly possessions. Stop acting like everything in your room is a priceless, irreplaceable antique. FYI - most of your crap came from the toy aisle at Target. The rest of it you don't even play with anymore. I could sell it right out from under you and you wouldn't even notice. I know this because I HAVE been selling your outgrown clothes and toys. For the last 3 weeks. You have not noticed a single missing toy. You are dangerously close to becoming one of those creepy ladies that end up on TV for being a Hoarder. Helpful hint - if you cannot see the surface of your desk, you might want to clean and organize it. Also, if you have 7 books, a DS, DS case and 3 stuffed animals on your coveted papasan, there probably isn't room for your skinny little booty on it. Clean your room before I get to it. Because we both know that if I get in there, it will look like a military barracks when I am done. Signed with love,
Your loving mother

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