Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thank A Teacher

How do you thank your kids' teachers? They spend 5 days a week for 9 months a year with our kids. They see it all. They hear it all. They do it for very little pay. They do it with a smile. Christian's preschool teachers greet him 3 days a week with a smile. He shoots them with his spider web and tells them that his name is "Christian James Velasco Boy Spiderman". They smile, laugh and escort him into school with a wave. They have taught him how to share, take turns, wait in line, spell his name and a host of other important life skills. They didn't push him when he showed no interest in potty training. But when he walked in wearing his Spidey undies, they were as proud of him as his parents. They are patient, kind, and supportive. They never have a bad day. They are never in a bad mood. They are never short with him. I have watched my son grow and mature under their care. Because of his amazing teachers, he loves school and his friends. I will be forever grateful that he has had the same wonderful teachers for 2 years. Sara's teacher. Where do I start? Five days a week this amazing lady spends 6 hours a day with our precocious, imaginative and challenging daughter. Unlike me, this lady's patience is endless. No matter what mood Sara arrives in, she is greeted with warmth and enthusiasm. Sara is always treated with respect. She has challenged, engaged and motivated my daughter every day. She has always spoken to Sara with an honesty that was needed. Difficult situations were handled with grace. Sara was always treated with dignity and respect. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty again and again. Any problems, difficulties and challenges Sara has faced this year would have been a thousand times worse if we had not had the support of this devoted teacher. I will always be grateful for the gifts she gave our daughter. Sara thrived under her care this last year. When we made the decision to move Sara to a different school next year, Sara's only regret was that she would be leaving her 3rd grade teacher. Ours, too. There is no thank you big enough for all that our teachers do for and give to our kids. Like all the other parents, I will give the teachers a small token of appreciation but it will in no way measure up to all they have given to my kids.

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