Thursday, May 3, 2012

To Pee Or Not To Pee

Christian is potty trained. Words I never thought I would utter. This boy had absolutely no interest in potty training. It was hard work, time consuming and no fun (for either of us). So we shelved the project for the foreseeable future. From experience, we knew that potty training works better if the trainee is interested and motivated. And he was NOT. He knew about M&Ms, prizes, stickers, admiration, etc. He was not impressed or willing. When we (Paul) decided to DRIVE to Florida, I knew that we had better postpone potty training even further. When we returned, I was staring down the end of the school year and the beginning of summer camp. I could not put if off any longer. No big boy underwear means no summer camps for my boy. Now I have the proper motivation to train up the boy. I prepped him. After school and nap a couple Fridays ago, I let him pick out some spiderman underwear, placed pee pads on all our furniture and crossed my fingers. It went surprising well. He had a few small accidents. I plopped him in the shower and grabbed some fresh underwear without reacting each time. He learned that peeing in his underwear is not fun but is not a catastrophe, either. After a few days, the boy got the hang of it. We have not had an accident in almost 2 weeks. But now my life revolves around the bathroom. I don't remind him to go unless we are heading out. I want him to recognize when he needs to go. He is good about announcing it for the whole world to hear. Now he claims he is ready to pee standing up. Your turn, Paul.

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