Monday, August 22, 2011

Big boy underwear

Christian is nowhere even close to being potty trained. I can't say I blame him. He sits around, does his thing, then someone else cleans it up. This little dude has it made. When he does deign to use his Elmo potty, he is rewarded with M&Ms. Apparently, 2 measly chocolate treats are not enough motivation to stop peeing amd pooping in a diaper at the most inconvenient times. He will humor us twice a day- before nap and bedtime. He is a total potty tease. He will tell me he will pee in the potty, see me get giddy then immediately change his mind. And he has proudly announced he will NEVER poop in the potty. Let's face it. This is a losing battle. He is holding all the cards. I know how to pick my battles. I thought I had it made last week when he was all impressed with some kid's dinosaur underwear. We rushed out and bought Elmo, Toy Story and Diego underwear. The kid is stocked until college. Today we tried his big boy underwear for about 5 minutes. We dashed to the pool. I bravely let him go commando in the pool. No disasters. Life is good. Then he said he had to pee. This child has never ever uttered those words. So, I scoop him out of the water, knock over various small children and elderly people in our rush to the bathroom. He looks at the potty and freaks. He is convinced he will fall in and I will flush him down the toilet. I reassure him he will survive this. I explain that I never flushed Sara down the toilet and she is alive and well. Still dubious and suspicious, he climbs on and clings to me for dear life. He managed to pee into the toilet, on me, and the floor. But, let me tell you, you have never seen a prouder mom or child.

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  1. love to pull them down and suck u