Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Proud Moment

Today, the kids and I met Paul for lunch at the restaurant next to his office. On the way over there, I outlined my expectations for their behavior- no yelling, no screaming, no running, use your table manners. We have this conversation every time we head to a restaurant. Every time, my kids promise on the lives of their stuffed animals that they will behave like proper Stepford children. I fall for it every time. I am Charlie Brown and my kids are Lucy holding the football. In the past, my kids have thrown food, drinks, crayons and temper tantrums in restaurants. We have been on the receiving end of disapproving looks from other patrons and frightened looks from the wait staff. We have left enormous tips and dashed out like someone yelled 'Fire' in a crowded theater.

Today, the gods (and my kids) took pity on us. They walked in calmly, took their seats and colored nicely. They ordered their food with pleases and thank you's. They ate nicely and quietly. No food was thrown. Silverware was used. Quiet, inside voices were used. It was a wonderful and proud parenting moment. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed an elderly gentleman watching us. As he was leaving, he came over and told us how well-behaved our children were. It made my day. My kids were beaming. They were thrilled to get a compliment. I was so proud of my kids even before we received the outside validation. It was so nice of the man to take a moment out of his day to compliment my kids and their behavior. Thank you to my kids for behaving and making me proud. Thank you to the kind stranger who took a moment to praise my kids. You all made my day.

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