Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Playing favorites

Kids love to play favorites. They have favorite toys, books, blankets, and pajamas. They even have a favorite parent. In our house, that parent has always been Paul. Sara is the ultimate daddy's girl. If we take separate cars, she wants to go in his. At a restaurant, she always wants to sit next to Paul. I was prepared for this emotional attachment. Growing up with 5 older brothers, I was the ultimate daddy's girl. Some might say I still am. (They would be right). When I had my son, everyone assured me that he would be 'mine'. He would be a momma's boy. Yes!!! Someone who runs to me when he has a boo-boo. A little boy who wants mommy to put him to bed, read stories and snuggle. I would get my moment in the parental spotlight. Right? Wrong. For the first 3 years of his life, he was a daddy's boy to the extreme. If Paul was home, he wanted Paul to put him to bed, read stories, give his bath, etc. I didn't mind this blatant favoritism when it involved poopy diapers. But, at Disney last year (the happiest place on Earth), it came to a head. He wanted Paul to do everything, including push the stroller. When he glanced back and saw me, he threw major fits. I gave birth to this 10.5 lb. bundle of male energy. He spit up on me daily for 5 months. Where was the gratitude? Where was the blind devotion?

Finally, as he turns 3 and gets older and wiser, he is changing his allegiance. He is seeking me out more. Seems like I might finally be getting my moment in the spotlight as his 'favorite'. It's been a long wait. While I don't encourage playing favorites, I have to admit, I do love my new celebrity status.

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