Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's like riding a bike.....

That is a misleading statement. Learning to ride a bike is hard work. It's scary and frustrating. Sara, my 7 year old, has been trying to learn to ride a 2-wheeler all summer. It's a lot to learn - balance, pedaling, and steering while trying to avoid parked cars and other bikers. To help improve her balance, we took the pedals off her bike. For the last 2 months, she was convinced we had taken out a huge life insurance policy on her and were trying to off her using her bike. She would coast a little, start to fall and head inside to the safety of terra firma. We would assure her that (a) we were not trying to kill or maim her, (b) millions of kids ride bikes every day and survive and (c) this is not some strange form of child abuse. Still unsure of our motives, she tried again yesterday. It worked!!!! She looks like a newborn colt with unsteady legs but she can ride a 2-wheeler. This is a huge accomplishment. She is (justifiably) very proud of herself. So are we. She worked hard all summer. She got frustrated but she kept trying. To me, seeing her stick with something even though it was scary and frustrating was the big accomplishment.

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