Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The crazy world of surgery

Yesterday I had out-patient surgery. I learned a few things:
1.) Surgery registration nurses not appreciate any "don't pull my plug" jokes.
2.) Any requests for "extra fun drugs" will be ignored. And judged.
3.) When our pediatrician is running late, they put up a 'cone of shame' sign to alert his patients.
4.) Having an IV put in hurts as much as delivering a 10.5 lb baby.
5.) 13 hours is a very long time to go without water or diet coke.
6.) No one looks cool in those dorky little shower/surgery caps.
7.) My father makes Shirley McLaine's character in "Terms of Endearment" look polite, respectful and calm towards the nursing staff.
8.) I'm a really big wimp when it comes to anything medical or surgical.
9.) Whatever drugs they gave me are totally awesome.

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