Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My day....

Yesterday, I woke up to my daughter shaking me awake in a panic because she thought she was late for camp. Next, her 3 year old brother woke up demanding his breakfast. Make breakfast for both kids. Continue to remind Sara to clear her dishes, go to the bathroom, apply sunscreen, brush teeth and hair and get dressed. Get Christian dressed and explain multiple times that he isn't going to his camp today. Calm him down because he is upset that he isn't going to camp. Shoo both kids out the door, buckle them into car. Drive to camp while breaking up multiple arguments about whose turn it is for music selection. Remind Sara she needs to bring her camp bag into camp. Sign her in. Chase Christian down because he tried to escape and join the registered campers on the playground. Lure him out to the car with the promise of animal crackers. Swing by pediatrician's office to pick up a prescription. Wait patiently in line because now Christian wants a sticker and lollipop from the nurse. Meet Paul at the bookstore for a snack and "daddy time". Attempt and fail to convince Christian that the Notre Dame bookstore doesn't have a play area. Take Christian home and feed him lunch. Clean up lunch and messy, sticky boy. Coax him to use his Elmo potty. Reward with M&Ms. Change diaper, put him in his jammies and sleep sack. Read 2 books. Sing 2 songs. Put him to sleep. Empty and reload dishwasher. Do 2 loads of laundry. Fold and put away laundry. Eat lunch. Take Christian swimming after nap. Apply sunscreen. Stuff chunky toddler into swim diaper and swim suit. Spend 2 hours trying to convince him that he will not drown with me holding him while he is wearing a flotation device that would have saved the Titanic. Feed him a snack at pool. Realize that we are running late to pick Sara up. Dry Christian off, put him back into clothes. Rush to car, buckle him into carseat. Dash over to pick Sara up from camp. Fly home to shower all 3 of us. Referee 2 children in 1 shower. Dry 3 people off, dress 3 people. Apply makeup, dry and style hair. Put on grownup, fancy clothes, shoes and jewelry. Feed kids dinner. Give babysitter operating manual and handling instructions for above-referenced children. Give multiple hugs and kisses. Get less than convincing promises of exemplary behavior. Attend work function with husband. Pick up prescription. Pay off sitter. Clean up dinner dishes. Clean up bathroom floor and 3 wet towels from earlier shower. Pack kids' camp bags. Kiss husband goodnight. Collapse. Know that it all starts again in 6 short hours.

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