Thursday, August 11, 2011

False Impressions

Never judge a book by it's cover. Nothing is ever what it seems. Cliches, but true. I ran into a mom today that I always thought was the perfect mom - always basking in the joys of motherhood, never upset, frustrated or impatient with her kids. She intimidated me. She made me feel like a failure as a mom because it isn't always sunshine and roses at my house. Correction - I made myself feel that way by comparing myself to her. So today, as I held her baby who has a gold medal in spit up, I realized that she is far from the 'perfect' mom. She is tired, overwhelmed and frazzled - just like me. Except she has 4 kids and I'm outnumbered with 2. So, I went home, washed the spit up off my shirt and realized that no one has it all together. Some people are just better at hiding their frustrations. Or maybe they just don't complain as frequently and vocally as I do. Food for thought.

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