Thursday, August 4, 2011

Conflicting agendas

Paul worked late tonight. This can make the night seem very long. The time between dinner and bedtime can feel like an eternity. I had an idea. Rally the troops. I invited some other moms pulling single parent duty over to dinner. I figured we could join forces. Let the kids run around together while we have grown up, adult conversations. So, next time Paul is working late, maybe I can score an invite for us to someone's house. I guess my 3 year old didn't get the memo that this was supposed to be a fun, communal evening of food and companionship. His agenda consisted of grabbing every toy and running away screaming. Then he was horrified that I was feeding other children. No amount of his own food or reassurances of leftovers calmed his fears of eminent starvation. Playing outside didn't go any better. He has a hypocritical approach to sandbox play. HE can fling sand anywhere he desires. If anyone sprinkles so much as a grain of sand on his precious self, they deserve to be drawn and quartered. No wonder my friends and their children beat a hasty retreat. Sara had the right idea. She hid upstairs and read. She came down for food, chatted with everyone then ran back upstairs. Maybe next time, we will hide Christian upstairs......

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