Friday, August 5, 2011

Sara's sleepover

Sara has been begging me for a girls' sleepover. After a couple days of good behavior, I decided it would be a great chance for some mother-daughter bonding time. We went out for ice-cream, watched a movie in bed, read together and had a nice talk. Then she announced that it was time to tell ghost stories. I agreed, amused to see what my highly imaginative yet easily scared daughter would come up with. Then came the backpedaling. She thought again and decided that fairy stories might be more fun. She went first. Her fairy tale went on and on with no plot but many details and much descriptive imagery. I love seeing this side of her - sweet, smart, funny and a little bit little girl mixed with a glimpse of the girl growing up. She constantly amazes me with her insight, creativity and imagination.

I love spending time with her that is easy, fun and relaxed for both of us - no rules, no discipline, no chores. We just spent time together - talking, laughing and enjoying each other.

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