Thursday, September 15, 2011

All By Myself

Well, I did it. I actually hosted a party with little help from my husband. No, I'm not slamming him. Usually when we entertain, he does more than his fair share of the work. He helps shop, cook, and clean before and after. Tonight, I had a girls' night at our house. I actually did the prep work, shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Afraid he would feel useless and unloved, I did make him buy ice, open the wine ( we have a very high-tech and scary opener) and take the kids to their various activities. My husband is my own personal MacGuyver. He can sew, iron, cook, clean, and repair almost anything. He successfully re-wired my hairdryer in 3 different countries on our honeymoon. Since having kids and acquiring many, many items that need installation, set-up, multiple batteries and various tools, I have become quite adept at the "wait until Daddy gets home and he will fix it". As a newlywed, I learned that I could spend 3 times as long as it would take my husband to put together, fix or repair something. It's not that I'm lazy. I'm just efficient with my time. Ok, truth is that I get frustrated and usually end up throwing out or breaking whatever I'm supposed to be repairing. I also let him do these little mundane household chores so he feels needed around the house. Let's just say that he is very, very needed very, very often around our house.

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