Monday, September 12, 2011

If I Ran The Zoo Part 2

Lest anyone think I only dwell on the negative about my children, let me write about the good times we had at the zoo. Christian was thrilled to see so many animals up close. He was equally impressed with the ant farm and the polar bears. He was very impressed with the monkeys and their jumping skills. He decided to show them his very advanced and skillful jumping. We assured him that they were favorably impressed. He tried to speak to each and every animal in their language.

I will never forget the joy in Sara's eyes when she saw an ocelot up close for the first time. She regaled all those around her with her wide range of her knowledge. That girl's mind amazes me. When she is interested in something, she will read and learn everything about it. And retain it all. Unlike her squeamish mother, she boldly marched up and asked to hold a snake. I screamed and ran away. She was fascinated by each and every animal and asked some very interesting questions. We couldn't answer them all, but we were still in awe.

Overall, the day was a giant pain in my butt. It was hot, hectic and stressful. But, I have to say it was worth it. The kids had a wonderful time and were amazed by all the animals they saw - especially the ones that were eating and/or pooping/ What can I say? This is my life.

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