Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sara vs. Teacher

Sara rarely, if ever, meets her match. My dad is certainly no competition for her. She straightened him out about various species of dinosaurs years ago. She put him in his place before she could crawl. She corrected her zoo class teacher this summer about lions and lionesses. Rest assured, that rookie won't be making that mistake again. She debated her 2nd grade teacher about a homework answer and got her grade changed. She can out-reason, out-logic, out-debate and flat out tire out anyone in her path. Don't get me wrong. I adore her. She is smart, sweet and the funniest kid I have ever met. When she blinks her enormous blue eyes at you you better surrender. You don't stand a chance.

Enter her third grade teacher. This lady is awesome and amazing. She has seen it all and it doesn't scare her. She has a pet ferret and a pet tarantula. I envision Sara turning into this patient, devoted and intelligent lady when she grows up. If we are lucky. Her teacher was born to teach and loves every minute of it. She doesn't see problems. She sees opportunities and teaching moments all day, every day. I can honestly say I have never seen anyone get quite that excited about a science book. Imagine someone handing me an enormous block of chocolate. Get the idea? Sara has finally met her match and I think they are going to be an amazing match. She understands Sara and the way her minds works. Instead of being frightened and running into early retirement, she engages and challenges Sara. Trust me, Sara needs it. Sara is going to thrive and blossom this year. I can feel it. I just hope the teacher can survive a whole year of Sara and her endless, yet amusing questions. This one may actually have some, if not all, the answers.

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