Friday, September 2, 2011

Out of the mouths of babes

Today was the open house at Christian's preschool. He will be returning to the same class with most of the same classmates this year. He loves school. He straps on his Elmo backpack and races into school like the varsity quarterback. (He even tackles anyone in his way). As a typical 2-3 year old boy, sometimes his playing can get a little rough. Luckily, he is not exactly a criminal mastermind and rats himself out the minute he gets back home. He can no longer pretend to be shocked that there is a rule against hitting. Today he ran into his old buddy, Cole. As they started playing together, Christian got overly excited and hit Cole with a dinosaur. Cole, being a wise and mature 4 year old, quickly handled the situation. He explained to Christian that he doesn't like being hit and hitting isn't nice. I love watching 3 & 4 year olds self-regulate. Apparently, they do know right from wrong (enough to point out the transgressions of others). Christian even apologized unprompted to his buddy. When we left, Christian told me again he was "really sorry he hit his buddy, Cole". Maybe my 3 year old will grow up into a wise 4 year old who can show a 3 year old the error of his ways.

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