Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Princess Random

Paul calls me the Queen of Random Thoughts so I guess it's only natural that my daughter would become the Princess of Random Thoughts. Today, her CCD instructor was the lucky beneficiary of her random amd obscure knowledge. I'd feel sorry for the guy but, hey, I hear her stream of consciousness thoughts 7 days a week. It's only fair that someone else gets to experience the wonderful and strange world that is ruled by Sara's thoughts.

Today, her CCD teacher was talking about the Pope. So, Sara piped up with random piece of trivia number one. "Excuse me, my mom's grandparents met a Pope but he's dead now. So are they". Kind of a conversation stopper. The poor guy experienced the delightful inner working of her mind last year so he should have known she wasn't done. She graciously let him continue with his lesson plan. Briefly. The she decided she had more vital information and wisdom to impart. Here comes random yet vital information number two. "They also met the Queen of England. She's still alive but they are still dead." Is anyone besides me surprised that the class didn't stop everything and say a novena at this point?

Her instructor is a wonderful, kind and patient man. He's also brilliant. He has decided to hand her a piece of paper at the beginning of each class. She is allowed to write down all her questions and then turn them in atbthe end of class. He will return the questions, with answers, at the next class. I may have to start using this policy at home, in the, grocery store, mall.........


  1. I can hand you a piece of paper??? :-)

  2. Mean uncle paul. My feeling is hurt. I go be sad now. Sniff. I'm even slumping my shoulders.