Wednesday, July 6, 2011

All or nothing

We are having a lazy week. No camps, no outings. Just relaxing at home and avoiding this crazy heat wave. My kids are either playing loudly which includes chasing, screaming and tackling or fighting like cats and dogs which, ironically, includes chasing, screaming and tackling. Why can't there be a middle ground? Their playing and fighting sound very similar so I'm constantly rushing into the room to see who is torturing whom. When the fighting gets out of control I separate them. They react like one of them is going to war never to be heard from again. Heaven forbid Christian wants to play with his older sister when she isn't in the mood. Word to the wise, little buddy - screaming and crying for her won't entice her to come down and play with you. Maybe it is the 4 year age difference. Maybe it is the gender difference. Maybe it is just because they are siblings. But it seems like there is a very fine line between playing and fighting. How do I tell the difference?

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