Saturday, July 30, 2011

Playing dress up

As a stay-at-home mom, I rarely get dressed up. Which is fine with me. When we celebrate our birthdays or anniversary, I will put on a dress, makeup, and jewelery. The other occasions that warrant playing Barbie dress-up are faculty functions. It's hard to get excited about showering, shaving, applying makeup, putting on a dress, heels and jewelery when I know I have an evening of awkward chit-chat ahead of me. Can you imagine the conversation between me (a STAH mom) and a business/econ faculty member? Not a lot of common ground to discuss. The debt ceiling debate? My kitchen ceiling has spaghetti sauce stains on it. My daily debates involve convincing a 3 year old boy to eat his dinner with utensils instead of his hands. The health care crisis? I forgot to pick up my kid's antibiotics. Global economics? Did I remember to give my 7 year old her allowance? Do I have money to pay off the babysitter? As much as I miss the real world and conversing with adults, I find my frames of reference extremely limited. My goal for tonight? Playing nicely and not spilling anything on anyone. Wish me luck.

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