Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lambi the wonder sheep

Sara has slept with a stuffed lamb since she was 3 weeks old. Lambi is a beloved member of our family. She has kept Sara safe for 7 years. Nothing bad has ever happened to her in her sleep. Lambi keeps bad dreams, bad guys and monsters away. She keeps careful and vigilant watch over her each night. While Sara is at school or camp, Lambi rests up for night duty and keeps the other stuffed animals and toys in line. Lambi is also Sara's secret keeper. Every night, Sara tells Lambi about her day and any secrets she might have. Lambi is a wonderful friend. I love that Sara has someone that devoted to her. I love that she goes to sleep confident that Lambi will be there for her no matter what. We all sleep well at night knowing that Lambi the wonder sheep is taking care of us. But, if danger comes, I'm guessing Lambi will rescue Sara and then it will be every man, woman and child for themselves.

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