Saturday, July 2, 2011

Test - Pass or Fail

Christian just turned 3 and loves to test us. These are pass/fail tests with no wiggle room. We tell him to do or not do something. He looks at us with big, blue "innocent" eyes then decides if he will listen or not. If he doesn't listen, he wins a one-way trip to the corner. I guess we are testing him, too. We wait to see if he will listen. So far, his average score is 50%. He decides listening and obeying is a better choice half the time, if we are lucky. These tests are important for all of us. He needs to learn to listen and do what he is told. We need to be consistent and follow through so he knows we mean business. I was never a great student and an even worse test-taker in school. But, when it comes to raising children, we are always being tested and we need to pass more often than we fail. I just wish there was a way to cram for these tests.

Today, Sara and Christian were having a dance party in the family room. He kept getting in Sara's way and throwing little cars at her. I 'calmly' explained that if he threw the car again then he would go to the corner. The little bugger stopped, looked at me, considered then chucked the car with an aim that would make a major league pitcher jealous. Then he has to the nerve to look shocked when I followed through and put him in the corner. I guess I passed the test. Final score today - Mommy 1, Christian 0. There are no make-up exams in life. But, you can try again later.

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