Thursday, July 28, 2011

Like mother, like daughter

Sometimes my daughter is so much like me it scares me. We are both bookworms. After we dropped Christian off at camp, I asked her what she'd like to do with our free time. She wanted to go to the library. I love going to the library with her. We set off to our appropriate sections and hunt for books. Then we meet up, snuggle into a chair and read until it's time to pick Christian up again. It's a wonderful 2 hours - just us girls, quiet, peaceful, no arguments or battles. She is getting more and more independent. I love seeing her book choices. While I look for my books, she explores the kids' section. If she has a question or needs help, she asks the librarian. Her choices are as eclectic as she is - tigers, fairies, mysteries, etc. If time allows, we even share a snack. It's the best 2 hours of my day.

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