Friday, July 29, 2011

Big Sister Warrior

I took the kids to an indoor play area today for lunch. For once, my kids were not the ones running around wild and terrorizing everyone else. When the other kids started picking on Christian and getting in his way, his big sister/warrior, Sara stepped in, defended him and protected him. She asked them nicely to leave her brother alone because they were scaring him. When they ignored her, she tried again, more firmly and louder. Again, no result. She came down, approached their mother and informed her (politely) that her kids were bothering and scaring her little brother and could she please tell them to stop. I was very proud of her. She looked out for, defended and protected the same little kid who steals her toys, hits her and generally torments her. This afternoon, we ventured out to a sprinkler park/playground. Note to moms - slippery 3 year old becomes a flying projectile on a slide. My poor toddler went flying down the slide, airborne then landed hard on his back with a loud and sickening thud. Sara was the first to rush to his aid, hug him, help him up and check him for "owies". Sometimes she surprises me in the best ways. On the way home, I told her how sweet she was to her little "bother", as she calls him. She replied, "He's my baby brother. I will always look out for him, even if he drives me crazy. I guess I love him."

At dinner time, we try to ask everyone their favorite/least favorite part of the day. Today, I had 2 favorites. My least favorite? Trying to shower sand off 2 kids in 1 shower at the same time. I could form a nice little sand trap in my backyard for the golfers after today.

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