Thursday, July 21, 2011

Garage Sale

Yup, I finally broke down and decided to have the dreaded garage sale. Somehow I convinced myself to rummage through my house, collect useless stuff and try to sell it to unsuspecting and naive strangers. Moreover, it was a devious plot on my part to get the garage organized and cleaned out. Paul has all these tools, gadgets, machines and contraptions that he swears are vital to our everyday existence. I have no idea what they do except take up large amounts of space in my garage. And this wonderfully profitable event is taking place during the heat wave of the century. No wonder Paul was balking at lugging heavy things up into the attic. Being the devoted wife, I have him a Big Gulp of water and kicked him up the broken ladder. (He survived).

Having no experience in operating a successful garage sale, my friends took pity on me and showed me the ropes. They told me to put up signage because osmosis and mental telepathy are not effective sales and marketing techniques. They delivered tables. Apparently you need surface on which to display all your worldly possessions. Good to know. I also learned that you must smuggle out any toy your child ever played with. Otherwise, you will scar them for life because you are selling their most favorite and beloved possession ever. When you point out that it was boxed up for the last 4 years or sitting untouched in plain sight for 2 years, they still claim you are ruining their lives by selling this vital part of their childhood. Even if I don't make a million dollars, it's been a good learning experience.

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