Monday, July 18, 2011

Where do babies come from?

It's OK for kids to ask this question. It is NOT OK for adults to ask the following nosy and inappropriate questions to a pregnant woman or new mother. I'm including (to me) the appropriate responses.

Were the twins natural? No, we made them out of recycled materials.
Was she/he a surprise? No, we fully expected a human male or female.
Are your kids all from the same marriage? Dunno, we found them on our doorstep and felt sorry for them.
Are you breast-feeding? No, my husband is. We like to be trend setters.
Is he/she a good baby? Yes, we think he/she may go pro. Or, No, he/she is terrible and we are looking into an exchange.
How was your delivery? It was the most relaxing, pleasurable experience of my life like getting a facial and a massage.

People, we all know where babies come from. How is it any of our business how or when someone conceived? Or how they plan to feed and care for the child? We all hope for happy and healthy babies. Please, for everyone's sake, think before you speak. Ask yourself if you'd like to answer those questions. Here is a good rule - if you wouldn't ask your mother-in-law, then don't ask anyone else.

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