Friday, June 17, 2011

Home alone

Paul is on his annual 10 day excursion to South America. This leaves the kids and me home alone for an extended period of time with no adult supervision. My plan of survival is to keep the savages calm, cool, happy, busy, entertained and fed. Many rules go out the window during this time frame. Things are very laid-back. We do not have a set routine. Pajamas stay on for extended periods of time. Much comfort food is consumed. Many meals are taken poolside. We play lots of board games, bake, draw pictures and do very few chores. "Because I said so" is used often as a way to ward off debates or arguments. I attempt to use "peaceful parenting" so the time passes without drama without letting the kids talk back or get away with things.

I try to find interesting things to do around town. We have been to a pioneer cabin, the zoo, the parks, the pool, the art museum. If there is a child-friendly activity in this town, we have been there.

Laundry is done when no clean clothes can be found anywhere. I try to have more patience because I know they miss their daddy. The one unbreakable rule is bedtime. After a long day of refereeing sibling battles, fending off countdowns to Daddy's return and complaints of "I'm bored", I have reached my limit of maternal devotion. I need a couple hours of alone time -no talking, no thinking, no being in charge of anyone or anything. I usually escape with a book and stay up way too late. But it's time well spent.

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