Thursday, June 30, 2011

Better parenting or better kids?

Last year when Paul went on his 10-day trip, we barely survived. I felt like a horrible parent who couldn't function without backup. The kids ran all over me. I felt like a parental speed bump. We were all climbing the walls and suffering from severe cabin fever. They didn't listen to me. They fought constantly. I felt like putting them in a boxing ring and putting money on the outcome. We were all counting down the days until Paul, sanity and stability returned.

This year it's been easier. Am I better parent or is it just getting easier because my kids are older? I've been able to take Christian to a museum, an indoor play area and a farmer's market without him trying to escape. Sara is able to amuse herself around the house more with very few complaints of "I'm bored". She is better able to resist her brother's torments. She has mastered the art of realizing he is annoying her for sport and escaping to the safety of her room. I've been able to keep them fairly clean, fed and reasonable happy. We've enjoyed pool time without (much) chaos. No one was running off, falling into the pool or crying for ice cream snacks. There are no fights when it's time to leave.

Have they changed and matured or have I? Am I better at keeping my cool? Are they better listeners? I'm not sure but I'm enjoying a less chaotic summer.

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