Sunday, June 26, 2011

Someplace in between

Is there a middle ground when it comes to parenting? All around me people comment about other parents being too strict or too lenient, too attentive or too inattentive, hovering too much, hovering not enough, too structured or not structured enough. Where is the line? Am I too strict with my kids? Not strict enough? Is it ever OK to give in? Is it OK to let some things slide sometimes? If it is OK, WHEN is it OK? What is ok to let slide? Do you pick your battles? Or do you draw an absolute line in the sand? Sara is a strong personality - bright, creative, intelligent, determined, articulate and imaginative. These traits have their pluses and minuses. It can be exhausting. "Because I said so, now stop talking" is used often. She has a million questions about a million things. Yes, that is a good thing. Most of the time. When you are tired, cooking dinner, trying to get out the door, get her brother down for a nap or change a diaper it is less admirable. Her innate curiosity is a beautiful thing to watch. She wants to learn about everything. However, when you are in Target with friends and in a hurry to get home, it is more than a little bit annoying that she needs to stop and observe everything (including watching herself dance on the security monitors). There are days when I think everyone else has this parenting thing nailed down and I missed the boat. Other days, I think I may be doing an OK job. Today during Christian's nap, Sara decided what she wanted to do was snuggle and read on the couch with me. Let me tell you, cuddled up and reading with my kid is a great way to spend a couple hours. No ifs, and or buts about it. I'm not a great parent. I'm not a terrible parent. I guess I must be someplace in the middle.

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