Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Parenting for Show

It's no surprise that I cannot stand Kate Gosselin. She is whiny, demanding, rude and annoying - just to name a few of her traits. On the plus side, she makes me feel like a better mother. She alternates between ignoring her kids, shrieking at them, and belittling them. She recently dragged her kids to Tennessee to "help" at a food bank and a soup kitchen. First, why not help in your hometown and save all the travel expenses? Second, why film it? Just so the world can see you "helping"? I feel sorry for the kids at the soup kitchen that were filmed. I hope no one teases them for eating at a soup kitchen. Kate, as usual, made it all about her. She could not stop bragging about all the "help" they provided and how good it made her feel. Basically, her children whined, got in the way and coughed on the food. Very helpful. The icing on the cake was a radio interview Kate did where she dropped the not-so-subtle hint that she would love the chance to drive a race car. Umm, I thought this trip was about giving back and helping those less fortunate - not about you getting yet another perk from your fame. Here's another brilliant idea - turn your kids into a zoo exhibit and have hundreds of strangers in their faces taking their pictures. That had to be a lovely experience for those children.

Through the entire episode, Kate and her huge brood chewed gum with their mouths wide open. Always a lovely visual. I can't help remembering her screaming at a friend for giving the kids gum and threatening to toss out a favorite security blanket because it had gum on it and she was too busy to clean it. Like my father, I believe gum is a product of the devil. Gum is gross. Rarely can people chew it discreetly. I've seen cows chew their cud with more grace and subtlety.

Having had my rant, I will follow up with this. In the end, I am glad that these wonderful charities and families in need will benefit from this experience. They are truly fabulous organziations. I just wish Kate Gosselin would stay home and actually be a (halfway decent) parent to her kids.

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  1. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! You Hit the nail on the head. I'ts Me, Me, Me,......UGGGGG!!!!