Saturday, June 18, 2011

Too Much Information

As I always say- a real lady doesn't over-share. I know - me giving advice about being ladylike is amusing and ironic. However, when I read a headline "Bristol Palin Lost Virginity In Drunken Moment", I have to wonder two things. First, why would anyone share that information with the world? Second, why does the world care? Newsflash, Bristol, no matter how you lost it, you were too young. Learn from your mistakes and stop over-sharing. Stop trying to be an example. By putting yourself on the national stage, you are a not a role model for abstinence. The girls who are intrigued by you and your life will be encouraged by the fame you now experience as a result of your drunken moment. TV shows like Teen Mom only encourage girls to seek fame by making motherhood into a reality show joke. Stop trying to be an example and focus your time and energy on being a good mother. Here is another newsflash. Motherhood is difficult, stressful, exhausting and lifelong. Some things that are needed to make it bearable - maturity, stability and selflessness. I know few, if any, teens who have those characteristics. I could barely handle babysitting as a teenager. It was temporary and I was getting paid. Mothers do it all day, every day for years for free. I also have to wonder- how is her son going to feel years from now knowing the world knows that he was the result of a "drunken moment"? I hope she has enough money for diapers, Little League and therapy. I think her son is going to need it.

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