Monday, June 27, 2011

Mommy jobs vs. Daddy jobs

In our house, there are divisions of labor for certain dreaded tasks - baths, taking out trash, toy assembly and repair, bill paying and lawn care clearly fall into Paul's jurisdiction. Others, like laundry, cooking, and dish washing typically fall into mine. When Paul is gone, I get to do double duty. It feels like triple duty sometimes. I've given so many baths that I have nightmares about being attacked by soap bubbles. I've taken out enough trash to be Oscar the Grouch's idol. I've paid enough bills to give Warren Buffet financial advice. I've done more dishes than a dishwasher at Buckingham Palace. As for laundry, I feel like Charlie Bucket's mom in Willy Wonka. I've assembled and repaired enough toys to put Santa's elves out of work. I have new found appreciation for Paul's ability to assemble or repair any toy (without instructions) in mere seconds. I knew I called him "MacGuyver" for a reason. As for lawn care, I found a neighbor kid who needs money. If she wins the lottery and flees the country, I'll buy Paul a scythe because he will need it. I've been cooking during his trip but I may start calling Spaghettios and macaroni & cheese "pasta". I may also seek an early retirement upon his return. Or go on strike.

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