Monday, April 25, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice

I admit it. I get sucked into Celebrity Apprentice occasionally. My husband is too smart to mock me for this because he is a die-hard Trekkie. I'm embarrassed and it is my dirty little secret. It's horrifying to watch grown people attack, belittle and sabotage each other. I can only hope they ratchet it up for the cameras and the entertainment value. It's like a horrifying glimpse back at high school with fancier clothes and loads of plastic surgery. Week after week I watch the women back stab and insult each other. There is a control freak, a drama queen, a victim, a lay low woman, a doormat, and a bully. No one owns up to their mistakes. They are too busy blaming each other. If two women don't see eye-to-eye, they take it as a personal affront and go on the defensive. They personify petty, catty and malicious women. When someone goes too far, they toss out an insincere apology then revert back to their old ways. The men seem to work well together. They don't have the petty, emotional squabbles. They don't attack on a personal level. Do women ever really grow up? Can they work cohesively in a group? Do we revert back to our immature, teenage years? Can we embrace people's differences and skills and work toward a common goal?

I'm not a competitive person. I never want to be in charge of a group. I hate bossing people around (husband excluded). I've been a member of the Junior League for 15 years. I've served on many committees but never been in charge of one. I served on our school's fundraising committee and was very successful. People give me money, products and services to go away. I love being a grunt. I like being given a task and running with it. I don't feel comfortable with the amount of responsibility that comes with being in charge. It would be very easy to stage a coup and take over. I like flying under the radar and taking orders. Let someone else take the credit.

You can be assured I will be sucked back in next week to watch the drama continue. I guess I prefer my drama on TV instead of in my life. With 2 young children, I have enough drama day to day.

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