Monday, April 25, 2011

The thrill of the hunt

Yesterday, like millions of parents, we did the traditional egg hunt. Easter was a mix of secular and religious traditions. Sara sang in the church choir before the hunt. She was terribly worried that her younger brother would get a head start on the egg hunt. I assured her that we wouldn't start the hunt without her. Less than reassured, she marched off the church. Back from church and hopefully filled with the Holy Spirit, the hunt was on. Christian, being a typical 2 year old, was clueless. But, once he saw that Sara was excited and that food might be involved, he rallied to the occasion. They grabbed their baskets and searched the house with a skill and determination rarely seen except in bomb-sniffing dogs. We should send thousands of kids to find Osamba Bin Laden. Seriously, tell them it's a giant egg hunt in the dessert and they'd find him in no time.

Sara was a good older sister. She made sure her little brother got his share of eggs. She'd point some out to him. When she saw that she had collected more, she quickly hid them again so he could find them. Then came the counting and sorting of the loot. With the skill and focus of a neurosurgeon, Sara quickly had her stash organized. Christian spent the rest of the morning dumping his jelly beans in and out of his basket. Sometimes kids surprise you in a good way. They can fight like sworn enemies over the littlest things. Then, she turns into protector and takes cares of the little guy who loves to pull her hair and steal her toys. As a bonus for her, he announced that jelly beans are icky and gave them to her. I think she is still on a sugar high. But, she earned those jelly beans.

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