Saturday, April 16, 2011

Puddles and toddlers

We went to Sam's Club today and Christian noticed the retention pond out front and instigated the following conversation.

"Wow, that's a big puddle, Daddy". We decided to be proactive and point out that he shouldn't jump in the "big puddle".

"I'd get lost, Daddy?".

"Yes, buddy, you are two years old and cannot swim."

"You couldn't find me?". That's right, little man. You would sink like a stone. (We didn't tell him this.)

"Mommy would miss me? Daddy would miss me? Sara would miss me? Lala would miss me? Grumpy would miss me? Molly (neighbor's dog) would miss me? Be sad? Cry?"

Yes, my dad ranked above the neighbor's dog but below the infamous Lala. He seemed comforted by this conversation and reassured us that he wouldn't jump in to the "big puddle". Then, he sagely advised Sara to avoid it as well. She rolled her eyes at him and gave him a "duh". Ahhh, sibling love at it's finest.

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