Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Who are You?

What defines you? How do you define yourself? Is it your marital status? Your parental status? Your career? I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, just to name a few. If you ask an American man or woman what they "do", they will tell you their profession. Interestingly, if you ask a European the same question, they will tell you about their hobbies and interests. Hmmm.....What does that say about Americans? Of course,around the world we are labeled "ugly Americans".

As a full time, stay at home mom, I am first and foremost a mother. Sometimes I am a cranky and stressed out mom. Sometimes I am a happy and fulfilled mom. I hope this does not diminish my other roles. I am a devoted wife, daughter and sister. I talk to my dad daily. I am in constant contact with my brothers. I like to keep up to date about what is happening in my extended family. Ok, so I am also very nosy.

Everyone has labels. Some are given to us. Some we give to ourselves. I think how we see ourselves influences how others see us. I have been labeled as "the funny, organized one" for years. My husband is the "MacGuyver, patient professor". My daughter is the "bubbly and curious one". My son is the "stubborn and silly one". Do these labels ever change? Are we put into a box? Can we break out of the box?

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