Friday, April 15, 2011

Sara's best day

I recently wrote about my perfect day. I asked Sara, my 7 year old, what her best day would be. She thought about it and then reeled off a list of activities that would easily last 3-4 days. She wants to play outside with her friends, cuddle and read books with mommy and daddy, go for a nature walk with Grumpy, take a bubble bath, sing, dance, write in her journal and bake cookies to name a few. What struck me was how simple these activities were. There was no mention of trips to Disney or the toy store. She ended the conversation with this thought - "Mom, my best day would just be fun with friends and family". It's nice to see Sara values and appreciates the simple things in life.

Growing up, my family had certain traditions - Sunday breakfast before church, Sunday dinner with grandparents, weekends up north, weekend visits to the bookstore. My parents emphasized family time. We ate dinner later than most families because we waited until my Dad got home from work. Then the kids were banished from the kitchen. Mom would cook dinner and they would chat about their day. Then we sat down to eat as a family. A perk to Paul's new job and shorter commute is family dinner most nights. We also have Sunday breakfast together. Lucky for me (and the kids), Paul has the role of chef for these meals.


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