Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grandpa to the rescue

Sara had a rough couple of days. Yesterday, she peed in her pants at school. Luckily, no one noticed and it was the end of the day so I could just bring her home. Understandably, she was upset and embarrassed. I explained that it happens to everyone, even me. This perked her up. "Really?", she asked. "Can I call Grumpy (her grandpa) and ask him?". I explained that he was up north fishing with some friends. Being a quick thinker, she replied, "just call him on his cell". Anyone who knows my dad and his fear of and dysfunctional relationship with all things electronic will understand why I couldn't stop laughing. Her next tragedy was at dance class. It was observation day and I couldn't stay and observe. Then came softball practice. Having exactly 1.5 practices under her belt, she is not Babe Ruth. She was frustrated because some girls clearly have more experience. She is still running to third from home while carrying her pink bat. Today is her first official "game". She wanted to call Grumpy so he could wish her luck. This time, I was a little quicker on the draw. However, my father, who does own a cell phone, rarely uses it. He can place calls. I think if his phone ever rang, thinking it was a ticking bomb, he would toss it and run away. So, I called my aunt, who knows how to operate a cell phone. Here is the process that ensued: I explained that I needed her to call her husband at their cabin to ask him to have my dad call my house to wish Sara good luck on her first game. She said she wasn't sure my uncle would answer the cabin or cell phone. I forgot these are 60 and 70-something old lawyers. Technology is not their strong suit. If I needed to sue someone, they are my go-to men. Cell phones and voice mail are another story. Miraculously, they answered the phone on the second try. After assuring them no one is sick or injured, we explained that we had a Grumpy emergency. He swiftly jumped into action and left a massage for my little leaguer. You can run but you can't hide, Dad. When Sara needs her Grumpy, we will find you.

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