Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life's Lessons

Experts claim that you learn more in your first 3 years of life than the rest of your years. I guess my 2 year old is smarter than I am. Truthfully, I'm not very surprised. I always had my suspicions. I am blessed because I get to learn from my kids everyday. Sara, age 7, is fearless and perpetually curious. She has no qualms walking up to other kids and saying "wanna be friends?". And she wants to know about everything. Christian is fiercely independent and determined. When he is doing a puzzle, he will not ask for help or walk away. Nope, he will plug away at it until he solves it. He is bound and determined to keep up with his big sister. He is completely unaware that she is 4 years older. Anything she does, he will attempt and damn the consequences. I am amazed at how quickly they bounce back from life's little disappointments.

I believe you learn from the people in your life. They come into your life for a special reason. Everybody has something valuable to teach. Sometimes I learn the hard way. From some, I've learned that keeping things bottled up and not talking about them can be the wrong choice. I've learned to swallow some things because they are not as important at the relationship. You have to accept people for who and what they are. You have to overlook their shortcomings and hope they overlook yours. I've learned many things from many people. The most important lesson is value the people in your life. You are lucky to have them.

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