Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Day as an Amish Girl

Sara has entered a new phase in trying our patience. She is trying to lie to us. We have caught her lying about reading bed after lights out, hitting her brother and doing chores. Luckily, she has a terrible poker face and lacks the foresight to hide the evidence. And her brother will rat her out. Yesterday, she lied to Paul, got caught, lied again about getting caught. Her punishment? A day without electronics or sweets. He knows how to hit her where it hurts. She compared this trying day to life as an Amish girl. We reminded her she didn't have to wake up at the crack of dawn and do farm work. She just had to amuse herself in ways that did not involve batteries, TV, Wii, computers, Ipad, or leapster games. I'm not feeling very sorry for her. We do not believe she will starve without sweets for one day. She had a pancake breakfast that would choke a horse, then lunch. We do plan on feeding her dinner - not gruel and stale bread. I'm hoping this phase is short-lived. When we remind her that even if we don't always know when she is lying that God always knows, it causes her to fess us with a sad little face. If anyone objects to this cruel and unusual form of punishment, please feel free to plead her case. Not you, Grumpy. You always believe she is innocent.

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