Tuesday, May 31, 2011

School is out! When did that happen?

Sara is no longer a 2nd grader. Where did this year go? How did that happen? She has grown and changed in so many ways. She has learned to stand up for herself more effectively. She has learned to work in groups better. She has learned how to resolve conflicts with friends better. She has learned to handle gentle teasing from classmates without jumping to the conclusion that they are bullying her. She seems older, more mature and more independent. She is starting to do things for herself more around the house and take on more chores. She even negotiated effectively for the implementation of an allowance. It amazes me that she has this whole life away from me that I am not a part of. She gets on the bus, goes to school for 6+ hours, comes home and does homework with little input from me. What does she do all day? How did she manage to grow up right in front of my eyes without me noticing? What's next? A job? Apartment? Husband? Kids? I think this whole growing up thing is completely over-rated and should stop. Or at least, slow way down. She will still cuddle with me but it's not the same. I'm very proud of my not-a-2nd-grader but I miss my baby.

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