Monday, May 2, 2011

Hitting the Open Road

This weekend I will be zipping across the cornfields and zooming down the turnpike to Cleveland to celebrate my nephew's First Communion. I will be flying solo. That's right - childless, footloose and fancy-free. No carseats, no back seat quarrels, no demands for snacks. I'm as giddy as a schoolgirl. I've already loaded the CD player with audio books - no Dr. Seuss or Playhouse Disney. I can listen to my radio stations, my audio books and stop for snacks and potty when I want (if at all). I will have a hotel room and bathroom all to myself. I can stay up late reading and watching TV. I even get to visit a college friend. It'll be a Thelma & Louise weekend without the shootout and tragic ending.

Once you have kids, your life is not your own. Your time, your space, and your schedule are ruled by short, cherubic people who can melt you with their sad little puppy dog eyes. The comic, Kathleen Madigan, describes them as short, homeless, and penniless little beggars. She's right. They need you to meet all their needs - food, shelter, clothing and their basic survival. It is a sacrifice parents make willingly but it's nice to escape once in a while. So, I will spend the weekend with family and friends. But, come Sunday, I will be eager to be back home with my little cherubs, even if they are begging for food.

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