Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sara's "spending" money

Sara is a capitalist through and through. She doesn't need some fancy overpriced MBA to teach her about business and money. Her business model is very simple and clear - why buy it if you can get someone else to buy it for you? She has been hoarding her hard earned $26 for almost a year. By hard earned I mean that my dad worked hard for all that loose change she conned from him.

At the mall today, she wanted to stop in the Disney store "just to look". Heads up, 7 year olds are not good window shoppers. She zeroed in on "Tangled" doll and tried to convince me her life would never be complete and fulfilled without it. I explained to her that my wallet was complete and fulfilled and staying that way. So, we are at a cross roads. We are both very stubborn and frugal. So, which one of us was going to cough up the $12.50 plus tax for this must-have item? As my freeloading 2 year old blissfully played with stuffed animals, Sara started putting the wheels in motion for a transaction. Her solution? I would loan her the money and she would pay me back as soon as we got home. As someone who still has my First Communion money in a bank account, I would hold her to this. She proudly marched out of the mall with her purchase. As soon as we got home, she retrieved her piggy bank. She asked me for the receipt and quickly but methodically counted out the exact amount she owed. She did haggle about the tax. No, I didn't charge her interest. Thought about it, though.

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