Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A rainy day and a soldier to the rescue

Christian and I ventured out to Sam's Club today. While we were shopping, the thunderstorm of the decade erupted, trapping us inside. While we waited for it to subside, we struck up a conversation with a man in uniform. Noticing Christian was getting restless, he graciously offered to run to his car, get his golf umbrella, bring it back and escort us to our car. How nice is that? I insisted that we were fine and it was an appreciated but unnecessary gesture. He told me he has been in worse weather and he wanted to help. Christian saluted him and he was off. We dashed through the rain huddling under his umbrella. While I strapped Christian into his carseat, my knight in a uniform loaded my groceries and returned my cart. This man has devoted his entire life to protecting America and his fellow Americans. He extended this simple and kind gesture and thought nothing of it. It meant a lot to me. I hope my son grows up to be a man who thinks of others and realizes that little things and actions speak very loudly. I hope he treats his fellow man with respect. God bless our men and women in uniform.


  1. That is amazing. Thanks for the feel-good moment this morning!

  2. Thanks, Lisa. It made my day. I love when people go out of their way to make someone else's day a little nicer.