Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lenten Season continues

For Lent, instead of having Sara give up something for the whole 40 days, she would give up something each week. It would be her choice but we had to agree on it. Giving up gum or jolly ranchers - yes. Giving up computer time - very good idea. Promising "no whining" was completely out of the realm of possibility. I didn't want her to set herself up to be disappointed. We found "being mean to baby brother" was a little vague. So, one week, instead of giving up something, she promised to spend extra time with him and read a book to him every day. Each Wednesday morning, we could discuss it and agree. Yesterday, she said she was giving up jolly ranchers. We told her that Lent was over and she wasn't obligated to give up something anymore. She thought about that for a minute. Then she said that she wants to continue her weekly sacrifice because she loves God year round and it is a good way to show that she loves him as much as He loves her. That girl can drive me up the wall some days. Then she truly surprises me in these amazing ways. When did she grow up?? When she says and does these things, I know my mom is up in Heaven smiling. I think she may also have a hand in this. Because when Bobbie Roche tells you to do something, you do it. Trust me. Thanks Mom.

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