Monday, May 2, 2011

Wildlife in the Cornfields

In the 18 months we have lived here, I've seen some strange things. I've seen Amish people talking on cell phones at Target. I've seen a rooster and a chicken in my yard. Actually, my husband had to identify the chicken and rooster for me. I just called him and told him that weird feathery things were running around our yard. Back home, the craziest thing I ever saw was 2 neighbor dogs getting overly friendly with each other. I've seen a wild turkey waddling around an intersection. I saw a live monkey riding in the back seat of a car drinking a coke. While I am not exactly a city girl, these things are both surprising and entertaining. To say I'm not a nature girl is to put it politely. While jogging in my mother-in-law's Chicago neighborhood, I saw a coyote and ran screaming the other way. Side note - I had no idea I could run that fast. Or that coyotes are big scaredy cats, too. On the other hand, last year we had a baby bunny in our yard. I made my husband ask the neighbor to keep their crazed cat locked up so it wouldn't snack on little Thumper. It made me feel like I was Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie (but with a car, microwave, running water and cell phone).

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