Thursday, May 19, 2011

A lifetime with my mom

I only had my mom for 15 years. I miss her every day. She was an amazing woman. She loved Rolos, Revlon's Heather Silk nail polish and Hitchcock movies. She loved baseball and sewing. She never met a stranger. She loved people and they loved her. Even now, people still remember her and tell me stories about her. She had an infectious laugh and used it often. She had a beautiful singing voice (that clearly skipped a generation). After losing her sister to cancer, she quit smoking cold turkey, was president of the Mothers' Clubs at our high schools, a member of the church choir and a bowling league. She taught me to think of others, always lend a helping hand and a smile. She taught me that being happy was more important than being rich or right. Money doesn't matter. People matter.

I wish I had a lifetime with her but she gave me a lifetime of memories.

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